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Make your dreams a reality with the LEAD CNC 3D Router.

Create beautiful intricate 3D carvings, inlays, amazing works of art and so much more.

Start a business, make unique gifts for your friends & family and impress even yourself by becoming a 21st century digital carpenter. The time is now!

It’s easy, fun and intuitive.

With you and the LEAD, the possibilities are limitless.

This is an easy to build kit. Everything you need to assemble and wire the machine is included.

Choose from the add-ons to complete your fully functional machine (CNC Controller/Stepper Motors/Power Supply/Router). #OpenBuilds #V-Slot #Vslot #C-Beam #OpenBuildsSystem



Travel (Work Area)

X Axis 29" (730mm) / Y Axis 32" (810mm) / Z Axis 4" (~100mm)

Workable Material Height

2" (~47mm) Based on a 1/2" spoiler board stack

Drive System:

Lead Screw Driven

Machine Accuracy

0.001"~0.003" (0.05mm~0.10mm)


Lenght/Width 45" x 45" (1148mm x 1148mm) - Height 21" (550mm)

CNC Router 4x4

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